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Tess is a new way to listen, share, and create podcasts.

In-App Recording

Record at the touch of a button, no investment needed.


Upload directly to Tess once you're done recording or upload your own podcasts from the web.


Upload to a community of passionate and interested listeners.


Comment on creators podcast's, all in-app!

Take a Look Around Tess

We're excited to have you on our beta. We are on a mission to redefine the podcast listeners and creators experience. The only way to do that is if we are constantly given feedback to get us closer to a product that you love. The Tess team is a community of podcast lovers, and although we have a lot of work ahead of us we know that with your help we can get there.

Plus, there might be some free stickers involved.

Tess Features at a Glance

Advanced Podcast Creation

We've set the default recording settings to match the industry standard. Our recorder lets you record at a 96kbps mono bitrate and in AAC format.

Letting creators think outside the box

We're encouraging creators to try to push the limits of what audio can be used for. Enjoy guided workouts, meditation, or maybe hear a recorded lecture in your area of interest.

Advanced Browsing

We've made Tess with small creators in mind. Long are the days where you see the same 100 podcasts taking over your search. We curate the best from small creators and make sure we make recommendations according to your interests.

Deep Analytics

We give our creators a deep understanding of their user base by providing deep analytics.

Unlimited Podcast Creation

Create as much as you want, whenever you want.


Contact and support creators directly from Tess. With our commenting system, listeners can now interact with creators in one place.

Community Support


Let us know what you have to say!


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